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The Layaway Purchase Plan at Westside International Travel Inc. makes it possible to afford a vacation even in these challenging times by putting a monthly payment in your regular monthly budget.

Spread The Payments Out

The way it works is simple; you spread the payments out over time. The size of the payment and the number of payments will depend on how much time exists between the first deposit on your trip and the date the final payment is due to the vendor being used.

Tour Companies

The initial deposit for a tour or vacation package is usually $100 - $250 per person. This would be your first payment. For each trip the initial deposit to the vendor being used must be satisfied before we implement the payment plan. Most tour and vacation package vendors require their final payment 45 days prior to the start of travel. If airfare is involved the air cost is, at times, due with the initial deposit. That is the case only if the tour or package provider does not have a special contract for the airfare itinerary being used. If you can, use one of their special contracted air itineraries, then the airfare portion of your package is treated as part of the whole package and no separate payment is required. We can counsel you on which alternative is in your best interest.

Top Layaway Travel Destinations

We specialize in all inclusive layaway vacations to places like Mexico (Cancun - Riviera Maya - Puerto Vallarta - Cabo San Lucas and Ixtapa), Jamaica, and Dominican Republic. We also have the best Hawaii package programs available.

You will find lots of specials, exclusive pricing and value added benefits included in our ever-changing offers to you. And, one advantage that we can offer you regardless of which form of package you choose is a reduced deposit and a payment plan to help you strecth out your payments. So you will not only enjoy the benefits of the Layaway Travel Program, but the great value of an all inclusive vacation package.

Cruise Lines

Cruise lines vary in the initial deposit amount due. The deposit will be different based on the length of the cruise, but the range is usually $100 - $450 per person, with only occasionally having it be higher. This year however, we are experiencing changes in the deposit amounts normally charged by the cruise lines, and many cruise lines are reducing their deposit amount by as much as 50%. We will, of course, make sure you are taking advantage of any and all discounts available at the time you make your reservation. Cruise lines always include the air cost in the total purchase, so it is never charged as a separate "up front" cost. This is an advantage to those planning a cruise vacation that requires air travel. Cruise lines require their final payment on a trip 75-90 days prior to he departure date depending on the cruise line.

Plan Ahead

So, in order to get the most benefit out of a Layaway Purchase Plan you will want to give yourself plenty of lead time. Plan today for the trip you will experience 6-10 months from now.

If your trip price goes down while you are in the payment period you will be able to take advantage of the savings if your trip is a cruise. When it comes to a package or tour the rules vary by vendor, but we will seek to get you satisfaction. If the price of your trip goes up, which happens many times, you are protected from the price increase.

We Handle The Accounting For You

We handle the mathematical formula for you because every trip is unique. We also handle the accounting for each of your payments, providing receipts and letting you know your balance after each payment is made.

No One Else Is Making This Offer!

We know of no other travel agency making this offer available to the traveling public, but we have allowed our group passengers to make time payments for years and by doing so have made it possible for many people to experience a dream vacation that they originally thought was beyond their budget. We are now making this great planning tool available to our individual vacation travelers. It does work and will work for you. Please, give us a call and we can review your trip plans and develop the payment plan that best suits your budget.

In Addition To Layaway, You Can Pay With American Express Points

Westside International Travel Inc. has this special service to offer our clients who are loyal American Express cardholders. We are certified to use their Pay with Points program for you, so now you can enjoy the expertise of our travel consultants with assistance in your trip selection, and reservation AND we can finalize your plans using the Pay with Points program from American Express. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to plan a special trip and feel confident that your service will be exceptional from beginning to end.

Combine one of these EXTRA SAVINGS COUPONS with the great value offer you have in mind...but, coupons are not combinable. Give us the coupon code you find in the middle of the coupon when placing your reservation and we will note your reservation with the additional savings off your final payment balance...it's that simple! This is our Thank You gift for placing your order with us!

Save $50 With a Minimum Purchase of $750pp With Coupon Code SAVE50.

Save $100 With a Minimum Purchase of $1,500pp With Coupon Code SAVE100.

Save $250 With a Minimum Purchase of $3,500pp With Coupon Code SAVE250.

This is another of our ways of saying THANK YOU for purchasing your special trip with us.

We have a unique assortment of gifts that we will be sending you upon return from your trip. The gift we select will relate to your trip and the value of this wonderful keepsake will be appropriate for the purchase you made with us.

Coming soon you will see pictures of these items, along with full descriptions. We hope you will enjoy owning them as much we have enjoyed selecting them, especially for you.

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Layaway Customer Testimonials

We would like to share with you but one of the many letters of appreciation we have received over the years from layaway travel clients we have assisted. You can also see 268+ comments below in our Facebook comment section. Here are 2 5 out of 5 star reviews:

"My husband and I would love to go to Hawaii for our 5 year wedding anniversary, and we just seem to never get a chance to go, and when I found your website that offered vacations with layaway plans, it gave us hope! Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you."

- Angelina Noble

"Hey Peter, I had an AWESOME time in Mexico! My trip was extremely relaxing and worry free. Thank you so much for finding me a great deal on such short notice. Once again thank you so much Peter. You're are absolutely the best! "

- Mona


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