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Canada – What Americans Need To Know About Canada

Why write a book about Canada? Everybody knows that Canada is just like the United States. Furthermore, who cares? Those are a few of the comments I got when I decided to add this book to my collection of traveler’s companions on Kindle. The overall attitude among most Americans is one of accepting Canadians as our peaceful, quiet neighbors to the north who are so much like us and whose government never challenges or offends the United States, always bending to the will of its big southern neighbor. Well how wrong that attitude is will be the subject of this book. Canada is a country that Americans should take a more serious interest in. Yes we have a wonderful ally to the north, one that would always be there for us in any emergency, but a country that has its own distinct personality, vitality and national pride. As Americans, we out of courtesy and respect should learn about Canada so we can appreciate the great friend and neighbor to the north.

Canada is the second largest country in the world with regard to land area. It is one of the ten most important industrial powers in the world. Canada is a member of the G-7, NATO and a charter member of the UN. Canadians have great pride in their country and are very patriotic and feel slighted that Americans know so little about them. The country is bilingual in that English and French are both official languages. Their government is a constitutional monarchy with Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada as their head of state. That’s right, the same Queen Elizabeth we know from England.

Quebec City, Montreal

There are many social nuances in Canadian life that show strong ties to both England and France, and it is these differences that give the country its distinct flavor and charm. So my recommendation is to book a trip to Canada, be it to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or to one of its Rocky Mountain National Parks and savor the beauty of the landscape, the vibrance of the cities and the uniqueness of the culture.

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