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Italy – Naples

Naples for many is the stopping point between Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast and while both of these two sites are on the top of the list one should experience when visiting Naples, there is one more basic experience you should have as well…eat pizza! Even if this city is a short stop on your cruise itinerary and you have a full day of sightseeing that takes you away from Naples, save a few minutes and experience some ‘pizza vera napoletana’, true Neapolitan pizza… and know that you may be spoiled forever more!

Pompeii Ruins, Naples.

A stay in Naples provides the perfect base from which to explore two of Italy’s most popular tourist sights – the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. You can combine the two in one long day trip or split into two separate visits, but either way this look into ancient Roman life is unforgettable and well worth the effort it takes to get there and back. Pompeii is definitely the more famous of the two archaeological sites, although some say Herculaneum is the more interesting one due to its smaller size and the fact that more of the artifacts remain in situ. But even if you only make it to Pompeii, you’ll still get a feel for what the ancient city looked like.

Naples, like Rome also has a honeycomb of ruins below street level and there is a tour that will take you to a wealth of ancient architecture that lies directly below the streets of the city. On this tour you will get a glimpse at centuries past where the remains of a Roman market that has been excavated and found to be basically intact, preserved through the ages. You can also walk into a Roman laundry with one basin waiting to wash the robes and one basin set for rinsing or enter a Roman bakery with the oven in the back of the shop that looks very much like pizza ovens in Naples today!

Amalfi Coast, Positano.

Only a 40 minute drive from Naples, Sorrento is definitely a place to be visited during any trip to Naples. This delightful cliff side town offers breathtaking views of the sea, wonderful shopping, and the best in Italian cuisine and when time allows is the gateway to the famous drive along the Amalfi Coast through the town of another cliff side village of Positano and onto the town of Amalfi itself.

Capri, one of the most romantic sites in the world is easily accessed by hydrofoil from Naples. It is an island situated in the south part of the Gulf of Naples, facing Sorrento and Positano. It is famous worldwide for the tourist and bathing resorts spread out along its coastline. Formerly the headquarters of imperial courts, the site of monasteries and a place of exile, its fame has grown over the centuries and is now a place of great natural interest and a destination for lovers of luxury and elegance. Amongst its most famous beauty spots must be included the little town of Capri, which is the capital of the island, the Blue Grotto, which can be reached from Marina Grande, and Villa Jovis from which Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire in the last years of his life. The most extraordinary feature of the island, however, is undoubtedly the famous group of steep crags – called the Faraglioni – standing in the sea off the east coast of the island.

Capri, Naples

There is so much to know about the options you have available to you when visiting Naples, it will be a great benefit to turn to a Westside International Travel Inc. expert consultant for Naples and Italy. We have spent years developing contacts in hotels, tour companies and transfer companies that will deliver the best experience of this amazing destination.

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