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Layaway Cruises Are A Great Way To Go

There is a saying that goes “everything old becomes new again.” And that could not be a more appropriate saying relating to layaway payment plans. Layaway for cruises is an outstanding way to plan a future vacation. We have used this payment plan for many years for our group cruises…both large groups of 50 or more passengers but also small group cruises that may be for a family reunion of less than 20 people. In fact, for many of our regular travelers our group travel payment plans have made it possible for them to take two cruises a year …not just one. It is amazing how much it helps to have a payment schedule that you know about in advance and can plan for, like any other bill in your budget. And cruise purchases are such a good type of travel to apply a payment plan, because you can be certain that it includes so many components of your trip. Your accommodations are included, but all your food…as much food as you want, 24 hours a day is included, as well. Even 24 hour room service is included (no charge). Your entertainment in the form of big extravagant floor shows are included along with numerous clubs …all with live music being played and most with dance floors provided for those who want to take a whirl around the dance floor, are also included. The cruise lines will have something for you to do …lessons…lectures…parties…games…shows throughout the day and night …and all are included in one price. And you can lock in that price and know in advance what you must pay.

The Price Protection It Offers

One of the reasons our layaway for cruises has become so popular is that price protection it offers. It is really the best of all worlds, because besides protecting the consumer from price increase, there is still the ability to take advantage of price decrease. And the consumer still has the confidence that they are getting the ship, sailing date, itinerary, category of accommodation that they originally wanted. It’s a win win situation for the consumer!

Ideal For Groups of Any Size

If you have a family reunion you are considering or a class reunion, a group travel payment plan is definitely something you should consider. When you are shopping for the right agency to handle your plans you will also want to make sure they have had experience in administering such a plan as well as experience in coordinating all the special aspects that group travel presents. Westside International Travel Inc. is one of a very few agencies that offers layaway for cruises, as well as having many years of experience with servicing and coordinating group cruises needs and preferences. We are so devoted to our group cruise program that we send our professional escorts out with our groups 5 – 8 times a year.

If you are the designated family member who is doing the research for a family reunion or are on a comitee that is looking into planning the next class reunion, please contact us with your criteria for your group and we will start with thorough research of the possibilities and options for your group and continue on to develop a payment schedule that will benefit your group members.

Even though we pride ourselves with the technology we have placed at the fingertips of our clients in their visits to our website, sometimes the best thing we can share with them is the comments sent to us from some of our clients who have traveled as a member of one or more of our group cruises. We invite you to take a look at the Client Comments section of our site to hear what others are saying about Westside International Travel Inc.

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Video Transcript: I just wanted to put a quick video together to help share and spread the word about this really cool web site that we've been booking a couple of our trips on. And what they offer is a layaway plan that's really helping us book our honeymoon right now.

We got engaged in October last year and with the wedding it costs a lot of money across the span before you get married and what was really needed was we wanted a plan our honeymoon to happen right after the wedding. We have worked with Westside International Travel and booked with them in the past and utilized the layaway travel plan where basically we were able to score a really cool trip to Puerto Vallarta for week after we get married.

Initially after we got engaged we put down the down payment for the deposit which is really low, it was one hundred dollars, so that we were able to lock in our flight and the trip where we're going. So with making monthly payments leading up to the wedding, we're gonna be set and we know that we don't have to worry about last minute booking of flights to be more expensive or is if hotels are all booked up that week after our wedding.

We really locked in really fun honeymoon travel plan and I don’t think we would have been able to pull it off without the program. So I put together a video to share the word. Hopefully you guys can now utilize it as well!. Thanks.

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