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Layaway Vacation Plans Do Work

We are contacted constantly by clients who are interested in activating a layaway vacation plan. And for those who need time to complete all the necessary payments involved in their vacation selection because they are feeling the crunch of today’s economy, this is the VERY BEST way to make a vacation purchase.

Our Layaway vacation plan is a service we offer to our clients that allows them to spread out the total payments necessary for a cruise, land tour, or all inclusive package vacation. We are not a bank, so we do not lend money out. We also do not add any additional dollar amount to your purchase up front, if you elect this payment option. If all the payments are completed and your purchase is paid completely there is no cost to the service at all. The only time we assess any fee in conjunction with our layaway service is if you start the plan and do not complete it for travel. In that case we will keep $25 per person of your initial deposit to cover the time and service we have given to you during your participation in the plan.

All other payments will be refundable to you according to the rules of the vendor we will be working with to purchase your vacation. Should they have any cancellation fees we must apply them, but we will also make you aware of any fees the vendor will enforce before they can become an issue. Our goal is to make travel easy and possible for as many of our clients as possible. It is not about collecting fees. Over the years we know this service has helped thousands.

Layaway travel is most easily put together when the traveler is looking to take a cruise vacation. The major cruise lines make their schedules available to the traveling public much further in advance than do the hotels and package vendors. Layaway vacation plans can still be put together for land travel and packages but where we can price cruises with certainty a good 12-15 months in advance, we will only have land availability 9-12 months in advance in general. The prices for airline tickets are the least favorable for layaway vacation planning. The airlines do not make their prices available to the traveling public until 12 months in advance, but worse, many times they require full payment at time of reservation, and will not allow any payment plan at all. Still when a layaway vacation is put together you will be amazed at how easy it is to keep a yearly vacation in your plans. And now more than ever, we all need the valuable ‘down’ time a vacation brings to us.

The best way to see if you can apply a layaway plan to the trip you desire is to some shopping on our website via a Cruise Search, Land Search, or an All-Inclusive Package Search. Once you have made a selection, complete and send us a Travel Request Form. The key is to give yourself at least 7-10 months from the start of the plan until you expect to travel. We will do our best to help you realize your dream vacation!

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Video Transcript: I just wanted to put a quick video together to help share and spread the word about this really cool web site that we've been booking a couple of our trips on. And what they offer is a layaway plan that's really helping us book our honeymoon right now.

We got engaged in October last year and with the wedding it costs a lot of money across the span before you get married and what was really needed was we wanted a plan our honeymoon to happen right after the wedding. We have worked with Westside International Travel and booked with them in the past and utilized the layaway travel plan where basically we were able to score a really cool trip to Puerto Vallarta for week after we get married.

Initially after we got engaged we put down the down payment for the deposit which is really low, it was one hundred dollars, so that we were able to lock in our flight and the trip where we're going. So with making monthly payments leading up to the wedding, we're gonna be set and we know that we don't have to worry about last minute booking of flights to be more expensive or is if hotels are all booked up that week after our wedding.

We really locked in really fun honeymoon travel plan and I don’t think we would have been able to pull it off without the program. So I put together a video to share the word. Hopefully you guys can now utilize it as well!. Thanks.

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