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Layaway – The Best Option For All Inclusive Vacations & Cruises

The Westside International Travel payment plan makes it super easy for you to finally plan your next dream vacation.


  • Select the trip you want by browsing our immense amount of offers on our site
  • Westside will confirm your exclusive price
  • You make easy AFFORDABLE payments over time and then you’re off on vacation!


“ABSOLUTELY, we will use your services again. We LOVE everything about your layaway program and tell everyone we know about this service.”

The Payment Plan Process

The way it works is very simple. You will make payments over time to purchase your trip. Every vendor requires a deposit and we cover what you can expect those to be if you select a Cruise Vacation or a Land Vacation in separate sections below. But after you have made that payment you will use the next months to pay down what the final balance of your trip is. There might be some months that you want to pay more and some you might want to pay less or many people just make it an even payment each month and pay it, just like any monthly bill they have…but this one is going towards pure fun in the end! We handle the mathematical formula, because every trip is unique and everyone has a personal way they want it handled. We receive and process each payment and send you a receipt so you know where you stand at all times. And we are available at all times to answer any and all questions you may have along the way.

What’s The Cost To Participate?

This is important. THERE IS NO UPFRONT COST TO OUR PAYMENT PLAN! All we ask is that once you start the plan, you complete it to your final payment date. We do not add one dime to the cost of your trip. With every trip, part or all of your trip deposit is refundable to you, depending on which vendor you have selected for the trip, and what type of trip you are purchasing.

No Other Sites Have An Offer Like This!
Other agencies or sites are charging fees or having you put your purchase on a low interest credit card…and that’s just what you are trying to get away from, right…more debt. We have offered our vacation payment plan to our customers for many years, way before we started our website and it has made travel possible for thousands who otherwise thought they couldn’t afford their dream vacation.

What Are The Top Layaway Destinations

It’s honestly all up to you. Let us know where you want to go and we’ll be able to whip up something that makes your trip a reality. One type of package that is very popular and we sell VERY often is layway trips to Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and many more tropical getaway spots.

Why Layaway Trips Are Ideal For Families, Large Groups and Destination Weddings

It takes time to put a family or organizational trip together and having a payment plan to offer the group can really make it easier to assure full participation. Be sure to keep it in mind if you are the decision maker for such a trip! This is where we have been so very successful over the years!

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Video Transcript: I just wanted to put a quick video together to help share and spread the word about this really cool web site that we've been booking a couple of our trips on. And what they offer is a layaway plan that's really helping us book our honeymoon right now.

We got engaged in October last year and with the wedding it costs a lot of money across the span before you get married and what was really needed was we wanted a plan our honeymoon to happen right after the wedding. We have worked with Westside International Travel and booked with them in the past and utilized the layaway travel plan where basically we were able to score a really cool trip to Puerto Vallarta for week after we get married.

Initially after we got engaged we put down the down payment for the deposit which is really low, it was one hundred dollars, so that we were able to lock in our flight and the trip where we're going. So with making monthly payments leading up to the wedding, we're gonna be set and we know that we don't have to worry about last minute booking of flights to be more expensive or is if hotels are all booked up that week after our wedding.

We really locked in really fun honeymoon travel plan and I don’t think we would have been able to pull it off without the program. So I put together a video to share the word. Hopefully you guys can now utilize it as well!. Thanks.

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